Traveling and Running

This week I found myself on the road. I was in New Orleans at one of the schools my denomination uses to train pastors and leaders for our churches. I got to see some old friends and get in a run in warm weather. It was also sobering to see all the homes that were still empty in ruin. My friend, Van, shared with me that it was looking better but that observation was made before we had full light. When the sun rose it was amazing to see all the homes still empty. At the same, kids were waiting for the bus and life was moving forward. That night I got to go over to Tulane and hang with a bunch of students from a collegiate ministry. It was cool to worship with them and meet some new friends. Then I had to head home, that was other another adventure all it’s own.

Needless to say, my flight was delayed four hours because of weather in ATL. I finally got back to SPI at 3:00 AM and was supposed to run. I am almost skipped my workout to go home and sleep but instead I went to the gym and ran 5.5 on the treadmill. It was tough, because I was tried, hadn’t eaten very healthy on my trip, and spent a lot of time standing. It was a recruiting trip for me and I spent a lot of time standing at a display. Again I’m learning, this whole training thing can’t take a vacation and when I am thrown out of my routine I have to bear down and be more disciplined. Lesson learned now I have to live it out. The group did their long run today so tomorrow will be a challenge, most of the route will be a solo run so we shall see how I do.


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