17 miler

This week was the lead up to my first BIG long run. I had two good runs of five miles. I did each run at 10 minute pace to get ready for Saturday. 17 miles is a long way, that is actually a good bike ride for me and Saturday I ran it. I was planning on running at slower pace but no one else was running my pace so I decided to pick it up and see how long I would last at the 10 minute pace.
For miles 5-14 I did ok, but at our last stop (mile 14) I was getting hungry, I was eating gel paks but I needed something more substantial (note to self for the marathon). I am going to try chocolate milk next week. The last three miles were tough because I lost my running partner and it was a long straight stretch, but I just kept telling myself it was only a 5k and that I could do that in my sleep.
I finished and the post run recovery has begun. I am learning through this process that recovery is as important to improvement as the actual run. Right after the run I started fueling back up (my fav is a bagel with some chocolate milk). I read recently that chocolate milk is a good recovery drink (protein and carbs mixed together) plus I love to drink it. Then I tried something new, I went home and soaked in an ice bath. Wow, I have never shivered so much in all my life, but today I feel pretty good so we shall see how it goes in the days ahead. I also have my wife teaching me a bunch of yoga stretches. All of this has helped me in my recovery.
Recovery is important in the training process. It is also important in life, our lives are way too busy (mine included too many times). We need margin and we need to Sabbath. That’s the challenge for the week, to run the race well but also to rest well. I hope you will find time to rest this weekend and be reminded that the Creator loves you not for what you do but for who you are.


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  1. Charles! I’m so glad to hear your comments about the recovery process! Would you do me a favor and express your thoughts on both recovery foods and the ice bath successes with the rest of the group? I feel like a nag talking about it endlessly, but if one of the group testifies, I think the idea will sink in.

    I completely agree about the ice bath. It’s painful at first, but after a few minutes, you go numb. The benefits are amazing with regards to recovery.

    Keep up the good work! You are doing wonderfully! See you next week. 🙂

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