Long Run Saturday

Had some great weather today and didn’t know what to do with it. Actually I did know what to do with it, I overdressed. We met at Moxo and took off for a 4 miler before joining the Halfwits for their 7 miler. The first took us over to Lincoln Park where things were going well until we saw some dogs on the loose and then heard one of them get hit. Part of the group stopped and waited until someone came to get the dog. We think he broke his leg.

You never know what’s going to come at you. A couple of us ran on ahead because we didn’t have phones and too many people around was upsetting the dog. By the time we got back to Moxo the main group was still getting ready to leave. Our little group kept going and I felt pretty good.

By mile 8 I was overheating and shedding layers. My knee also started getting really sore (IT Band Issues). I slowed my pace down and once I got back to Moxo I talked with Scott Harry about solutions. He suggested a form roller, so I headed to the Running Center and Derrick took care of me and gave me a little demonstration. Scott said it was going to be a painful experience and Derrick echoed that sentiment.

Both were right, I wanted to scream multiple times but it has helped. In fact,  I getting ready for round two with the roller tonight. I will let you know how it goes. Next Saturday we are supposed to do 17 so we shall see.


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