Running at Home

I didn’t get up earlier enough to get the gym so I ran on my treadmill at home. 4.25 miles with some intervals thrown in. It was a hard but good workout. The problem with running at home is the temperature is set for sedentary people not for running. Needless to say I sweat a lot, in fact my wife is amazed at how much water comes out of me when I run at home. But I got it done and headed to the office for a day of meetings. Not as much pain in my knee today as well. Stretching and drinking more water are helping, but I have to keep that routine up.

Speaking of routines, I am working my way through the gospel of Matthew. Some good stuff in there, today I read through chapter 23 where Jesus is bringing it to the professional minister types (pharisees were their titles back then, today they would preachers and priests). I’m in that category so I took notice. They focus of the whole thing is that these guys were loading people down with a bunch of rules and missing the spirit of what God was asking them to do. They would keep the little rules but totally ignore taking care of their own parents because it would violate one of the rules. Man  I hope I don’t find myself so caught up in keeping the rules that I forget that this whole thing is about relationship. My relationship to God and my relationship to people.

It might be warm enough Saturday I get to run in shorts., that would be great.


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