Back in the Habit

There is a let down when you complete a goal. Since early fall I have been wokring towards completing my first half marathon. I’ve lost some weight, changed eating habits and trained. I finished the race and bragged about my accomplishment to a few friends. Now what, this is the hard part. I have to keep going, I learned some things (when to eat before a race) and also discovered I could push my body harder but most importantly I’m heading down a new path of caring for myself physically. I am becoming a running disciple, I’m adding more stretching to my workouts and taking more seriously what I eat (Superbowl party aside). I have a new goal of completing my first full marathon this spring. So tuned for how that goes, I did an  easy 6 miles on the treadmill today. Tomorrow is off to spin class and the pool.

It’s tough to stay motivated but I have some new friends that keep pushing me and making sure I am going to show up for the long runs. I also have a great wife who helps hold me accountable during the week for my other workouts. This whole journey has given me another perspective on the church and walking with Jesus. It’s not about accomplishing one race but it’s about continuing on to the next, learning a little more each day and having the desire to follow Christ more closely because you see how you are being changed by him. I’m glad I don’t have to do it alone and I have a group of people at my church that I journey with as well. If you aren’t on this journey or don’t have those people to walk with, come and check out my friends if you live in the Springfield area.


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