Catching Up

I finished it, yeah rah. All I can say is that is was cold: 10 degrees actual temperature with a -11 degree windchill. I missed my time by 5 minutes, I wanted to do a 2:10 and I hit it in 2:15 but I finised and I never walked except to get my frozen water at the water station. That was interesting watching the volunteers keep the glasses moving so the water wouldn’t freeze.

I made two mistakes and learned from them in preparation for my first full. Yes I am going to tackle the Illinois Marathon now. My first mistake was eating to early by the time I hit the starting line I was hungry and that is not a good sensation to have when you are going to be running for two hours. I had two gel packs in my pocket and really wanted to just eat them (actually suck them down, gu is hard to eat). But I waited until mile 4 and mile 8. My second mistake was not training on a loop course. It was mentally challenging to go out for the second loop. When I was training I was always doing out and backs or a big loop so when I got to furthest point out my only option was to come back. With a loop course it was very tempting to just call it quits after the first time around but I didn’t. I stayed out and finished and that has been pretty cool to say the least.

I’m glad I did it and I’m looking forward to the next challenge in running. A big thanks to eveyone who cheered me on and sent me notes of encouragement. Now here is something that may sound crazy but is even more significant to me. As important as this accomplishment was for me it pales in comparison to seeing someone say yes to Jesus. If you are a friend of mine or just someone who happened across this site I want to ask you to take a challenge. Find a Bible and read the book of John. Look up in the table of contents where it is or hit the link. After reading it, ask yourself why you wouldn’t be willing to follow Jesus. In the first chapter of this book he ask some guys to follow him and he is asking you to do the same thing. I have been following Jesus for about 33 years now and it has impacted the way I live and I truly believe it is going to impact my life after I die. I do believe there is a heaven and I do believe there is hell. I do believe we are all going to end up in one of those two places. What about you?



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2 responses to “Catching Up

  1. Mark in GA

    What an inspiration! Congrats. And isn’t it great to run with Jesus?! What’s next?

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