12 Miles and Counting

I made it! I told my wife this week that I would not have believed you if you told me I was going to be training for a 1/2 marathon this winter. I am and I finished the 12 mile run today, ice and all. It was really slick and slow going today. The trail we ran on was completly iced over so most of the time we ran in the dirt or grass when we could find it.

It was the most taxing run I have done but I finished it. I am feeling it in my knees tonight. I think some of this pain is coming from old shoes so I got some new ones today. We will see if that helps, I hope so because my race is two weeks out.

Even though there was a lot of ice and it was cold again, I am coming to the place where I enjoy running. It gives me time to think and reflect although today the brain was concentrating on keeping my body upright. I am going to try some Yak Traks soon to see how they work with some these icy roads. Here’s a shot of the our post run gathering at Panera’s, thanks to Jenni G for taking the pic.




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2 responses to “12 Miles and Counting

  1. Congrats Charles. Sounds like you are doing well. Winter running can be a real challenge. Keep up the good work brother.

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