Running the Lake Shore and the Cold Duck II Run

Crazy week of travel to Chicago and back. I headed north on Monday to speak at a college conference in Wheeling. While I was up there I headed to over to Northwestern to run the lake front. I ran a 5 miler at pace although I am not sure what the splits were but I ran the out and back in 47 minutes. From there I headed over to Clarke’s in Evanston for nice big omelet.  It was a cold run on the lake front but felt good and the breakfast was great. It was cool to be setting on the campus right after watching them the night before almost pull out a bowl victory.

As I ran the lake front I was reminded of the story I recently head about the lifesaving station the students had at the school. In the late 1800’s there was a tragic ship wreck right off the shoreline. One of the students was reported to have swam back and forth for 6 hours and rescued 17 people. Cool story and led to the Navy helping them set-up the station. That story led me back to a teaching in the Bible about Jesus. Romans 5 talks about this very type of life, that it is awesome thing to lay down your life for a friend but God did it for us while we were still his enemies.  As I start 2009 I want live my life more in line with this teaching. Being ready to make sacrifices and live like Jesus, to be willing to love unconditionally.

This morning I was back in Springfield and headed to Washington Park for the Cold Duck Run. I had a good time although I ended up running the 6 mile route by myself for most of the time. I am not quite quick enough to keep up with the main group and a little too fast for the slow group so I was the guy in the gap. I tried to do it at pace but the wind and keeping track of the course made that difficult. I finished right at an hour and then enjoyed the fire they had for us. Tomorrow is a spin day and back on the diet as I am in the last three weeks of preparation for my first half-marathon.


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