Short Run and a Swim

I finally got back in the pool today. I did a quick two mile run to warm-up. I missed my Saturday run so I am making up for some of it with some extra short tempo runs. I definitely felt it in the legs today even though it was a short run.
The swim wasn’t too bad but I am still getting adjusted to having a different body for the swim. My inner tube is gone so my legs sink more. I need to push down with my chest more and use some kick. I hate kicking but I need it now. We did several sets of 75’s with kicks and drills which was a good way to get back into the pool. I also got news that one of our better triathletes had a heart cath last week and discovered that he had 80% blockage so they put a stint in. It was sobering reminder that we are all mortal but was also a reminder to me about my relationship with Christ. I don’t want this to sound morbid but I have a peace about when I have to die. Because of my relationship with Christ I will be in heaven when I die. It impacts the way I live today but also gives me hope for the future.

I’m Chicago tonight speaking to some college students. We looked at John 15 and what it means to abide in Christ. I used a picture of a strong tree planted by a stream (Psalm 1) and also of the disciplined runner that Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 9. It was a good day and tomorrow I will do some running on the lake front, should be a good time.


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