The Run and The Check-up

I got another 4 miles in today. I wasn’t planning on running but I had some time and needed it so I ran an easy 10:30 pace on the treadmill. I am supposed to do a long run in the morning so I hope I didn’t overextend, we shall see.

After the run I had my first complete physical in a long time. I have hit that age in my life where these kind of things will need to happen more regularly. The upside is that I checked out good except the dreaded cholesterol levels. My bad is a little high 211 (should be under 200) and my good is too low 31 (should be over 40) so my doc encouraged me to continue to lose weight (I have dropped 2o so far) and keep up the running. He also has me taking some fish oil pills to boast the my HDL levels and then get retested in Feb.

I was glad I went even though I can’t say I enjoyed the experience but now I know. I have the information I need to be healthier down the road. The question is will I stay the course, the choice is mine and one that I will have to make on a daily basis. Today reminds me that not only do I need physical check-ups but also spiritual check-ups. I need to look at where I have come from and how I am doing in my walk with Christ. This holiday as I take a break from work I need to spend some time reflecting and asking God to examine my heart. The writer of the book of Psalms says “search my heart, examine my ways…” I need to do that in this season so that I am better prepared and can make good choices about my spiritual life in 09.


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