Long Run Saturday and BBall

I got my long run in this morning with some new friends. I met some of the area Springfield runners getting ready for the Illinois Marathon. I am glad I had already been doing some training because I was able to finish in the middle. We did 8 miles on the Wabash to Chatham trail. It was tough going out because the wind was coming strong out of the south. Plus I overdressed, I hate when I do that. I was shedding gloves and hat into my pockets. I like to be a little cold when I start and I wasn’t, another lesson learned. It was fun doing the long run this way because you were out with other people and that helped pass the time. Plus I made some new friends today and that was cool as well. If you are looking for a group to run with check out the Illinois Marathon Training blog and a special shout out to Jenni for posting the fun pics of this morning’s run and making sure we had water. This group is going to keep me motivated and maybe I will move up my training goal and do the Illinois Marathon after I see how the half goes in STL.

I finished out the day playing some BBall with the guys from Delta. Nothing like doing some quick sprints up and down the court after a morning of long slow running. When I got home I saw the HardyBreed guys had a new podcast on stretching. I should have watched it before stepping on the court but all is well and now I am off to bed. On the road tomorrow through Tuesday so I need to get some stretching done while I’m gone. I wonder if I can do some of those in the car???


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