Long Run Sunday

I didn’t run the Frostbite and was going to do the course but by the time I got home from church I had talked myself out of it. Although I did go do a 10 mile run in 1:45. It took a while to get all my layers on and I learned some things about my clothing. I need some more clothing around my hips and backside. By the time I got home I couldn’t feel parts of my lower back and hips. When I walked in the door my legs started tingling and then I ended up taking a cold bath to soak my legs. I know I will have a sore lower back in the morning and to think I get to do this all over again next weekend, but hey it is worth it and I got a lot of time to pray for friends and family while I was out.

Be sure to check out Hardy Breed’s Flickr page, I am sure they will have pics by the end of today of the Frostbite.


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