Long Run Sunday

Today I was supposed to get up this morning and run but the snow was falling at a steady rate so I decided to wait until I got home from preaching at Vale Church in Bloomington. Once I got home I waited for my oldest to head back to college then I hit the road. I took a new route today that wasn’t out and back so that made the run more interesting. Long runs are sometimes hard to do but today the time past really quick. I spent most of it praying for friends and family. The snow was coming down pretty good and the wind was in my face the first 4 miles but then I hit the turn around at the trail. Having it at my back was nice coming home. I got to one spot in the run, about a mile from home that I could turn and head for home or stay to my route. I stayed the course because I was close to finishing and didn’t want to short change the run at the end. I finished the nine miles in 1:34 so I hit my marks of staying under a 10:45 pace. I am feeling it now, hopefully I will have enough legs to head to spin class in the morning.


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