Thoughts and notes from Catalyst 11

Ok guys,

Here are my notes from Catalyst 11. It was a good couple of days, although I the all night drives are getting harder to make. I will be looking at doing something different next year, so we shall see.
Andy Stanley-Session 1

The more successful you are, the accessible you become.

-Refusing to face into this reality will lead to burnout because you can’t be all things to all people.
-Other extreme: you use success as an excuse to become more in accessible than necessary.

“Unawareness is bliss” (can get overwhelming when we know, so we stay ignorant)

How to handle the dilemma: see Galations 6:2, 9-10,

-You can’t shut it all out
-Can’t take it on in


How to deal with it:
Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone!

Don’t bye into the lie: if you do for one, you have to do it for everyone!!!

It’s a MYTH
-Fairness ended at the Garden of Eden
-Don’t be fair—-be engaged!!!!

With a FEW
1. Go deep rather than wide
2. Go long term rather than short-term
3. Go time, not just money

-When you do for one you often impact far more then one person.

What do you guys think?
How does this play out where you are in life?
What would you wrestle with from this material?

I will be posting notes from Jim Collins, Francis Chan, Mark Driscoll, Dave Kinnamon, and Andy’s last talk in the days ahead.

I didn’t sit in on every session, I would also encourage you to check out one band (seryn) and one individual-Katie Davis. The band did an amazing set outside and Katie is doing some cool stuff in Uganda (similar to what Amelia is doing).



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For the Cohort, I’m trying to write again

Thoughts for the guys

Cohort guys, I am reading through a couple of good books to help me in my daily disciplines. The Valley and the Vision and Note to Self by Joe Thorn. In addition to listening to scripture each morning, I am making time throughout the day to read these two books.

Valley of Vision is a collection of short prayers and devotions by several different Puritan writers. Note to Self is short excepts from scripture and thoughts from Joe as a way to preach the Gospel to yourself.

Today the passage I read was from Psalm 100:4-5. Joe reminded me that my life needs to one of thankfulness no matter what the circumstances, because God is constant. Therefore I should my life should be marked by thankfulness.

So what are your practices, what books, plans, or disciplines are you developing to stay in the word, be reminded of it throughout your day and living in obedience to the commands you see in scripture?


Jay and ran a couple of miles Saturday and I am hoping to do some more in the morning while in S. IL

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What are the major influencers for Mille

What are the major influencers for Millenials? @lifeway

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If you’re SBC and over 40, please follo

If you’re SBC and over 40, please follow this 5 part series by @edstetzer,

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Getting ready for team meetings @jdsmith

Getting ready for team meetings @jdsmith66, @chaseabner

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It’s been a month

Sorry, I haven’t kept this up to date but the marathon week is here. I had a calf injury impact my final month of prep so I missed a couple of long runs. This has made me a little nervous. The upside is that I am little more rested and have fresh legs. Still dealing with a nagging heel issue but not enough to knock me out of the race. I am in the final phase of carb loading and getting excited about heading Champaign on Friday. The race starts at 8:00 am and the weather is supposed to be in the 40’s heading to 6o, perfect running weather.

It’s also Easter weekend, so as I run I have joy of celebrating Easter. Running is of some value but serving Jesus is of great value. This marathon training has taught me many lessons but most importantly it has given me a renewed appreciation for discipline and obedience. To be a good runner you have to have discipline to get in all your workouts and eat right. It takes an obedient spirit to follow the routine that has been laid out before you. Following Jesus is no different. It takes discipline to live the life that Jesus sacrificed himself for and he demonstrate our love for him by our obedience.

I’m excited about running on Saturday but even more excited about celebrating Easter with family and friends. If you don’t have a place to celebrate Easter on Sunday, come join me and my family at

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Finishing Well

The marathon is within site, I have about 4 weeks of training left and I am doing ok. Last week was pretty rough due to life. I wasn’t able to run throughout the week and that was really frustrating. I have a habit of starting things but not completing them well. All you have to do is come to my house or office and see the stacks of books that have a bookmark somewhere inside the book. So I was thinking here we go again, but I got my long run in last and this week I am back on track. I also have gained a few extra pounds from not running and continuing to eat as if I was running so I need to work hard to get rid of them.
On Monday I took the day off of work to hang out with two guys from our church. Actually it was the other elders and we spent the day dreaming, praying and planning together. It was a great day and out of that experience God showed me a verse in the Bible that I am hanging onto for the rest of my training time. It says this: But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God. It’s from Acts 20:24

I want to finish well. It is easy to start something but finishing well is tough. It requires sacrifice, focus and discipline. This week at work we talked about keeping our focusing and being disciplined. It was a good lesson and reminder to me to stay within the boundaries that are set to keep me heading in the right direction. To not get sidetracked with other things or to forget why I am headed in the direction that I need to be going.
Whether it’s a preparing for the marathon or running the race of life, I want to keep my focus and to live a life marked by discipline. I hope this challenges you as you run this race we call life.

From the Back

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